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Nativa Spa offers rituals and special programs that provides you balance and well-being.. With a strong holistic side (holos means "whole" in Greek) the Nativa Spa provides a balance between body, mind and soul. Our menu includes therapies like Ayurveda and Shiatsu, music therapy and massages as Nativa relaxing massage, Flor di Sal massage with warm sea shells, Morabeza massage with bamboo canes, providing unique and unforgettable experiences. The range of products used at Nativa Spa was selected for its concept of ancestral wisdom.

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Our journey begins with a dream... a dream that speaks of nature and its power... nature has always been respected by our ancestors who believed that our body, our mind and our soul are part of a whole in a universe of harmony...

As a gift, Nature always offered us their plants, their flowers and their fragrances which our ancestors knew exactly how to use. Ancient methods that passed down from generation to generation until today... until here...

Our desire is to revive that ancient dream through therapeutic healing methods that have been taught to us so generously by wise generations. Our desire is to share this gift with all of you... to dream... to be able to travel through native nature…

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