Perfect tan (  55 min  )

nutritional, moisturizing, antioxidant and antidepressant

The Perfect Tan treatment is super moisturizing, nourishing and healing. It regenerates and soothes the skin, helps remove stains and replenishes its elasticity. The bronze gives a special shine to the skin, enhancing the golden color of the sun and promoting the tan with brilliant shades. This treatment includes a body scrub and a body wrap with shea butter and walnut and bamboo extracts and sunscreen shimmering cream.

Nativa Detox with Sea mud (  55 min  )

Purifying, detoxifying and draining

The Nativa Detox treatment with sea mud is ideal to cleanse the body releasing toxins and preventing fluid retention. This treatment includes a body scrub and a body wrap with sea salt and sea mud and a moisturizing with detox sea mud cream. 

Sunburn with Aloe Vera Vera (  25/45 min  )

anti-inflammatory, cell regenerator, natural and healing antibiotic

Aloe, whose name means bright and bitter substance, was known to the Egyptians as the plant of immortality. In fact, its benefits are limitless and it is in skin treatment that this plant is prominently displayed. Using its magnificent pure gel on the skin, we can treat sunburn very effectively relieving pain and redness. The Aloe Vera is anti-inflammatory, it is a natural antibiotic, it promotes cell regeneration stimulating the production of collagen, it has healing, moisturizing and nourishing properties. This treatment consists in a body wrap of pure Aloe Vera gel and a body moisturizing with avocado and Aloe Vera oil.

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